Innermost arm of our galaxy - the Milky Way is knows as 3KPC ARM.

1 Kiloparsec (KPC) =  3261.56 Light Years

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Digital Transformation 

U.S Small Business Administration SBA 8(a) Certified Woman Owned Business with Digital, Business, and Technology Transformation Expertise

Today we are at the cusp of a major technology transformation in both Federal and Commercial sector.

Digital Customer Experience - Strategy - Realization

We help Business and Technology align together to deliver a truly transformative customer experience.   

3KPC, INC is an SBA 8(a) company and serves the federal sector...



Relentless Vision-to-Reality Focus.

We are consistently helping clients solve complex business problems  to deliver strategic impact through technology.

Enabling Technology-As-A-Service (TAAS)

The COE model will ultimately evolve into TAAS model, wherein businesses will focus on core products and services leverging technology partners

who can build a plug-n-play

tech ecosystem.



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